TEXT: Doula Mastermind Turning Your Passion Into a Thriving Doula Business

Do You Have a Deep Desire to Be a Doula?

Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Business

Get the training and support you need to start your own successful doula practice.

Few careers are as fulfilling and impactful as being a doula.

Taking part in the beautiful process of birth and guiding someone through one of the most important moments of their life touches the spirit in a unique way. 

How do you get clients? What contracts do you need in place? How do you handle day-to-day operations?

It’s natural to have all these questions and more when starting out as a doula. 

But don’t let these questions overwhelm you and keep you from having the business of your dreams. 

If you love guiding people through their birthing experience but feel lost about how to start your own doula business, the Doula Mastermind Membership is for you. 

The Doula Mastermind membership is for people who are committed to working as a doula.

Hi, I’m Robin Elise Weiss.

Being a doula and mentoring others is my passion. I have over 30 years of experience, have trained thousands of doulas, and I’ve been a part of over 1200 births. 

Now, I want to help you bring your own flourishing doula business to life. 

That’s why I assembled my decades of knowledge and experience and created the Doula Mastermind Membership. 

This is a comprehensive training program that gives aspiring doulas the information, confidence, and support they need to build a fulfilling and profitable doula business.

Who benefits from Doula Mastermind?

  • Doulas who feel overwhelmed in their business
  • New doulas confused about how to start their business
  • Anyone interested in becoming a doula
  • Doulas who need help with accountability
  • Experienced doulas who need to reboot their business
Doula in black shirt leans over a tub of water to press on the back of a laboring person.
Photo © Chelsi Daley
Doula helps a client with back pain.

What's included in the Doula Mastermind Membership?

  • On-demand video training so you can learn on your own schedule 
  • Worksheets and printables for you to use in your business
  • Mentoring calls to guide you through your journey 
  • Private community support to share and learn
  • Live business coaching so that you’re never left figuring things out alone
  • Access to our speaker series where you’ll learn from industry professionals
  • Guided tasks to help prepare you for running your business 
  • Membership in the exclusive mastermind community
  • 4+ hours of CE updated every year

Membership includes everything you need to feel confident running your own doula service from the birth room to the business end.

After you get your hands on this training, you’ll be ready to take your practice to the next level and touch more lives than ever before. 

This membership goes beyond general business training and dives into the EXACT information every doula needs in order to be successful long-term.

And not only am I sharing my specialized knowledge but I’m also offering personal mentorship through monthly calls.

You won’t find this level of dedication to your individual success in any other program.

What You'll Learn in Doula Mastermind

  • How to handle day-to-day business operations 
  • How to get clients 
  • Understanding the client process and how to navigate difficult situations like pregnancy loss 
  • Contracts and paperwork 
  • Dealing with doula backup
  • How to talk about the benefit of doulas at a cesarean birth
  • How to brand your business  
  • How to use social media marketing 
  • Planning and scheduling prenatal visits 
  • Plus so much more
A doula holds hands with a pregnant person in a blue pool during labor.

Are you ready?

By joining Doula Mastermind you'll soon have the confidence and know-how to start your doula business and get clients. You'll gain the knowledge, the skills, and resources to be better equipped to help your clients and make a positive difference in their lives, and support of our doula community.

Sustain your passion, grow your business and thrive with amazing support.